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ConversaSpain - Auxiliares de Conversacion

ConversaSpain is a Spanish organization that cooperates with more than 150 public schools in different regions in Spain. It offers inspiring, challenging and rewarding opportunities to potential English language assistants from all over the world who want to teach English in Spain. With ConversaSpain, native English speakers can teach English in Spain as language and cultural ambassadors in public schools in Madrid or Murcia.

Created with the aim of providing high-quality experiences for hard-working and creative ESL teachers, ConversaSpain helps students in Spanish public schools with exposure to English from native speakers.

With ConversaSpain, participants teach English in Spain to students in Elementary, Middle, and/or High Schools in the public system. Tasks and teaching activities will vary from day-to-day, but it is a supportive role. Indeed, participants aren't in charge of an entire class, nor are they responsible for students' final grades or any serious disciplinary action. ConversaSpain are looking for truly dedicated ESL teachers who can fully embrace their role in Spain.

Here is a breakdown of some of the important information to consider before applying for the ConversaSpain program to teach in Spain:

  1. All positions are managed by the regional Government and ensured
  2. Teaching will take place in schools located in cities of Murcia; or in rural, small-town locations near the city of Madrid
  3. Placements last for 9 months: participants start official teaching on October 1st and finish on June 28th
  4. Participants will count with pre-departure assistant (visa application and bank account) and will receive a welcome document with tips, advice, and practical tools to find permanent accommodation, among others.
  5. An induction meeting will take place in the capital of participating regions before the program starts
  6. Participants will receive the same paid school holidays as other teaching staff. This includes Christmas, Easter, and other local festivals and excludes the Summer period
  7. The timetable will consist of 15-16 hours of teaching per week over 4 consecutive days
  8. The monthly stipend is €850 to€1,000
  9. Age group preferences are considered whenever possible, but specific placement preferences cannot be guaranteed

Job Details

Job Headline: Teach English in Spain: Public Schools in Madrid and Murcia
Job Location: Spain, Europe
Minimum Salary: 875
Maximum Salary: 1000
Salary Currency: Euro (EUR)
Salary Frequency: Month
Job Type: Full Time
Job Category: Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School
Job Title: Teacher

Do you want to teach English in Spain next academic year? Become a Language and Cultural ambassador with ConversaSpain, which currently works with more than 250 public schools in Madrid or Murcia. This program will provide participants with support moving to Spain, health coverage, initial training, and advice for every day practical non-school-related matters.

Important dates

  • Deadline: ASAP or at least before January 30th
  • Program length: October to the end of May/June (precise date TBC)

The conditions and requirements for the Auxiliares de Conversacion are different depending on the region participants choose:

Teach in Madrid

· - 16 teaching hours per week

· -4 consecutive teaching days

· - €1,000 monthly stipend

· -Mostly rural and pueblo locations

· -Requirement: university degree

Teach in Murcia

· -15 teaching hours per week

· -4 consecutive teaching days

· - €875 monthly stipend

· - Anywhere in region of Murcia

· -Requirement: high school diploma

Meddeas, a Spanish organization renowned for cooperating with private schools in Spain, has developed ConversaSpain, a spin-off with its dedicated team and brand. The corresponding regional Education Authority is in charge of the placements and of any school-related matters.

Requirements to Participate

· Native-level English speaker

· Citizen of a country where English is the official language. The Spanish public administration will only accept participants with passports from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, the US, South Africa, and Jamaica (TBC)

· Applications accepted from candidates aged 18 to 60

· University degree in any subject or at least high school diploma (depending on the region)

· Speaking Spanish is not required

What’s included?

· Job placement and monthly stipend ensured (€875 in Murcia and €1,000 in Madrid)

· Private health insurance (non-EU participants)/ EHIC coverage (EU participants)

· 15- 16 teaching hours per week in 4 consecutive teaching days

· Paid school holidays (except for the summer period)

· Welcome document and pre-departure assistance (visa process and bank account)

· Help with the police registration process

· Induction meeting in the region: initial training, orientation, and meeting with other participants

· ConversaSpain support while in Spain

· Access to a multimedia platform: MOOC course, resources, and information

· Certificate of completion at the end of the program (Regional Education Authority)

· Activities held under the supervision and guidance of school teachers

· Four different programs available (TEFL course and/or immersion week available if wanted)

“I would recommend the experience with ConversaSpain as it was great to have a guaranteed placement and the support before coming to Spain was very helpful. I chose the immersion week option and was very happy. It gave me a good introduction to some of the main sites of Madrid, but more importantly allowed me to meet some other people in our program who I have remained friends with in my time here”, Grant H., participant in Madrid.

Fees/Costs and Available Options in Madrid

· Basic: €1,275

· Basic + 140-Hour TEFL Course*: €1,675

· Basic + Immersion Week in Madrid: €1,775

· Basic + TEFL Course + Immersion Week: €2,100

Fees/Costs and Available Options in Murcia

· Basic: €1,050

· Basic + 140-Hour TEFL Course*: €1,450

· Basic + Immersion Week in Madrid: €1,550

· Basic + TEFL Course + Immersion Week: €1,900

* The 140-Hour TEFL and Teaching English to Young Learners Course is a co-branded TEFL course that includes the following modules: grammar, methodology, video observation, teaching larger classes and young learners. The online platform is available 24/7 and tutors are professional and available within 48 hours. A TEFL certificate will be issued on successful completion of the training and a hardcopy certificate will be sent by post to students’ addresses.

The Role of an Auxiliar de Conversacion in Spain

Participants could deliver conversational English lessons to students or staff, encourage oral practice in English, explain the culture of their own country, help in other subjects (such as science, art, P.E., history, or music), assist with pronunciation and grammar, prepare students for oral exams, and collaborate with teaching staff in creating teaching materials and planning lessons. The specific activities and tasks depend on the school.

Language Assistants in Public Schools help teach English to Elementary, Middle and High School students. This is a supportive role; thus, they aren’t in charge of entire classes and aren’t responsible for grading or discipline.

Assignment: Selected candidates will receive the details of their specific school placement 8 to 10 weeks before starting at the school. Age-group and location preferences are considered whenever possible (we cannot guarantee specific placement preferences).

If you are interested please send an email to [EMAIL VISIBLE TO REGISTERED USERS] or apply through www.conversaspain.com

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