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First Future Education

First Future is dedicated to providing high-quality online education through engaging content, advanced language learning technology, and highly skilled and courteous employees. We work with clients across China through 2,000 partnering organizations, covering 26 provinces in 180 cities. We provide online language services for 6000 campuses and reach over 1 million students.

Job Details

Job Headline: Online English Teacher with Guaranteed Hours
Job Location: Online
Minimum Salary: 17
Maximum Salary: 19
Salary Currency: U.S. Dollar (USD)
Salary Frequency: Hour
Job Type: Part Time
Job Category: General English, Primary School, Middle School, High School
Job Title: Teacher

PLEASE apply through our website:

We only check for messages here once a week, and you’ll get a standard reply asking you to apply via our website !!!

First Future is the pioneer of B2B cloud teaching platforms in China and has developed a state of the art Online English Teaching environment for schools and language centres across the country.

As a First Future teacher, you will be working on a fixed schedule. This means that you have guaranteed hours and a guaranteed minimum income. For example, if your project was for weekday evenings, 6 - 9 p.m., then, as an absolute minimum, you would be paid your base rate for 15 hours each week. At First Future, you are paid in full even if a lesson hasn't been booked during your shift.

We have a range of teaching projects available:

Special Project – Classroom Broadcasts

You will be teaching groups of around 20 students in a virtual classroom (VC), which is broadcast on a big screen at the school.

Fixed Schedule Projects

You will be part of a team delivering the online element of blending learning courses for a specific school or language centre chain. Students have face-to-face lessons with a Chinese teacher, then have an online review session with a Western teacher. All lesson content is provided, so there is little preparation required. A standard lesson would include going through pre-taught vocabulary and supporting your students to gain confidence in speaking.


These work in the same way that most online schools do. You set your availability on a daily basis.

Payment Details

Most online schools operate on a Flexi-Class basis, entailing that if your slots aren’t booked then you don’t get paid. The huge advantage to teaching with First Future is that on a Fixed Schedule you are paid a base rate for each hour, even if a lesson isn’t booked during your slot or if you student doesn’t show.

BASE RATE: All teachers are paid a base rate of $12. This is not all you will get paid!!!

Unlike other online schools, First Future operates with fixed schedule projects. On a fixed schedule you work on the same shift each week. Now, other schools do not pay teachers if there isn’t a lesson booked or the student doesn’t show up. First Future acknowledges this is not fair to teachers who have to sit in front of their computers for their shift anyway. The Base Rate exists for your security. You will be paid at least $12 an hour during your shift even if there is no lesson booked or your student doesn’t show.

CLASS COMPLETION: This should not be confused with the type of bonus system other online schools use, in which extra income depends on student feedback. The Class Completion payment is simply for teaching a class. Most teachers receive the full $3 an hour for this. The Quality Assurance team watch a section of a lesson recording each month, and as long as you are doing everything right, then the Class Completion rate will be set at $3, which you will receive for all of your teaching that month.

PROJECT BONUS: Most of our special projects pay an additional $2 an hour or more as standard, to reflect the quality of the teachers who are accepted for these. Some even pay an additional $6 for the best qualified teachers.

GROUP BONUS: For classes with 2 or more students, you will be paid an additional $1 an hour.

WEEKEND BONUS: All classes on Saturdays & Sundays earn a further $1 an hour.

Student Age Group: Different projects cover different age groups: YL, Young Teens, Young Adults, Adults - the more flexible you are in preference, the quicker it will be to get you on a fixed project

Class Size: Classroom broadcasts have up to 20 students. Group classes have 4 - 6 students. There is also a lot of 1-on-1 work available.

Class Length: On average, group lessons are for 50 minutes, and 1-on-1 lessons are 25 minutes on average.

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