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BUUK International Youth Education Centre

BUUK College is a private college founded by Mr. Andrew Chao SUN, who was trained in London for his MA in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

BUUK trains mostly English for kids 4 to 12 years old, as well as General English for adults. Apart from English language, BUUK also teaches Music and Dancing for young learners.

BUUK is located in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, 1 hour flight from Shanghai.

BUUK is qualified to recruit foreign teachers and is able to assist the teachers with Work VISA.

Job Details

Job Headline: ESL Teacher with BUUK, Urgent
Job Location: Jiangxi, China, Asia
Minimum Salary: 6000
Maximum Salary: 10000
Salary Currency: Chinese Yuan (RMB)
Salary Frequency: Month
Job Type: Full Time
Job Category: General English
Job Title: Teacher

China job opportunities--teach English and explore the East:

Join BUUK College and teach English in China!

BUUK College is looking for energetic, professional and committed English teachers who enjoy teaching young learners and/or adults. Join our dynamic team in Nanchang, China, and let us make our success your success.

Job description:

l Teaching English to young learners (mostly children aged between 4 to 12 years old)

l Teaching adults students.

l Joining student management discussion/meetings.

l Meetings about teaching.

l Assisting the Marketing team by taking part in presentations, parties and other marketing activities.

l 40 hours per week over 5 days (Teaching hours are mostly weekends and evenings.).

l Communicate with parents (via a Chinese co-teacher if needed) to help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the school and to let the parents know the teachers care about the children’s learning and well-being.


l BACHELOR DEGREE OR HIGHER, preferably in language teaching, childhood studies, education or relevant specialties. For those with other academic backgrounds, a TESOL/TKT/TEFL/CELTA/DELTA certificate or equivalent certificates is required. If you do not have a teaching qualification, BUUK can assist you.

l Minimum one year experience in teaching. Inexperienced potential teachers could email ANDREW: a[EMAIL VISIBLE TO REGISTERED USERS] for internship opportunities, which could lead to a full-time position.

l Native speaker or near native with high command of English speaking.

l Patient, responsible and confident. Enjoy teaching and talking with people.

l Able to adapt to a new culture and have a positive attitude to the challenges that sometimes come with living in a new country/culture.

Payment and allowances:

l PACKAGE A: RMB 6000 per month, 60 teaching hours/month. You may start from package A with a easier start, then progress to package B when you feel more confident and familiar with the job and life here.

l PACKAGE B: RMB 9000--10000 per month, 100 teaching hours/month. (The average income in Nanchang city is about RMB 3300/mon.)

l Free accommodation with free Wifi, including kitchen with cooking facilities, bathroom with western toilet, usual furnishings such as chairs/sofa, bed etc

l Up to 500 RMB per month allowance towards bills (gas/electricity/water) (Most people do not spend more than that.).

l Return airfare ticket for one year contract, and single ticket for 6 month contract.

About BUUK College:

l BUUK College is a private college founded by Mr. Andrew Chao SUN, who was trained in London for his MA in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

l BUUK is qualified to recruit foreign teachers and is able to assist the teachers with Work VISA.

About Nanchang City:

l Nanchang is the capital city of Jiangxi province with a population of just over 2 million. Compared with bigger cities like Beijing and Shanghai, it is more convenient to travel in the city and has much fresher air and less traffic problems.

l Nanchang is in Central South China, It is about a 2 hour flight to Beijing and one hour flight to Shanghai.

l Nanchang has been developing really rapidly for the past decade and was awarded as one of the World Top Ten Dynamic cities by the UN in 2006.

l You will enjoy all the world famous supermarkets, brands and pubs in Nanchang like you may elsewhere in big cities in China.

l The weather in Nanchang varies. The low in winter is about 0 degree Celsius, but it rarely snows. Summer is hot like all the other Chinese cities in the south. Spring and fall are good seasons.

l Nanchang has an active and friendly international community but it also offers plenty of opportunities to experience real China

Contact BUUK and e-mail Andrew your CV ( with photo pls), if you have the interest:l

l Contact Andrew Directly:


l Skype: andrewsuncn

l Wechat: buuk_cn

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