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Business Name: English Republic Language Academy
Business Type: School
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Created Date: 06/25/2019 19:02:21
Location: Korea - Asia
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Since 2004, EnRe has provided the best foreign language education program based on GSLP(Genius Systematic Linguistics Program), which is revolutionarily developed to help students naturally and interestingly acquire the foreign languages. Located in Anyang, a suburb of Seoul, teachers can enjoy their life in a quiet and peaceful environment and a short trip to the excitement of downtown areas.

With the aim of developing future leaders on the global stage, this language academy is always researching and developing language-educational contents, with the best textbooks and materials, and an optimized educational environment. Along with a great Edu-consulting service, they have a terrific human-resource management system which selects, trains, and assigns instructors to be in the right place at the right time. Under these systems, about 50 staff members are always working hard in order to maximize the results of language education of English, with the motto, “Getting Better All The Time”.

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