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Business Name: The Language Centre
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Created Date: 09/11/2017 02:11:05
Location: Italy - Europe
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LONG TERM POSITIONS available for three dynamic, organised teachers interested in working. Positions start 25ft October 2017.
Experience with young learners or adult is an advantage.

We deals with language training for children, teenagers and adults using highly qualified English and / or bilingual native speakers, with the aim of contributing in

innovative ways to orienting, developing and enhancing the training of European citizens and providing tools and opportunities to interact with different cultures, in

full awareness of their skills and competencies, thus expanding their professional prospects with the benefit of knowledge of a foreign language. The Language Center

is a reality that has now been consolidated and appreciated by several customers and partners. The center is known to be at the forefront with methodologies and

approaches that combine the importance of a consolidated grammatical and lexical knowledge of the language with the need to develop as soon as possible the ability to

communicate and interact in a foreign language in general everyday and professional fields.

Ability to communicate in English
Ready to relocate
Ready to learn a new culture
Ability to work with Young learners or adults
Valid Passport ID

Salary and Benefits
Full-time Italian contract, 25 teaching hours per week.
Benefits: Guaranteed monthly salary: 2,300E TO 2,700E (depend on experience and qualification)
fully paid holidays
Free Accommodation
100% Health insurance
Visa Assistance for Non EU teacher.
Free WiFi Internet connection in the school at all times.
Training is also available for teachers

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