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Business Name: Teachingsurfing
Business Type: Recruiter
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Created Date: 02/02/2018 17:03:02
Location: China - Asia
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1 Positions available in March,2018

(1) GAC&AP computer science teachers needed in a high school in downtown Nanchang

(2) English literature and language teachers needed in a bilingual high school in Shanghai

(3) IBPYP teachers needed in two international kindergartens in Beijing

(4) English language and PE teachers needed in a bilingual primary school in Shenzhen

(5) Early childhood teachers needed in international kindergartens in Zhuhai and Suzhou

(6) ESL/EFL teachers needed in language centres in Shanghai,Suzhou,Yangzhou,Dalian,etc

(7) A-level math and science tutors needed in a UK education group in Shanghai and Hangzhou

2 Locations of the schools


2. School Offers:

(1) Salary range: 10,000-25,000RMB depending on candidates' experience and qualification,school's location and budget.

(2) Flexibility of teaching in subjects and levels

(3) Insurance

(4) Free housing or housing allowance

(5) Flight reimbursement

(6) Paid national holidays

(7) Sponsorship for work visa application

3. Duties and Responsibilities:

(1) Working hours: around 40 hours/week,including teaching hours and office hours

(2) Working days: Monday to Friday; 8:30am-16:30pm

(3) Attend pre-job training: Labor laws, Work visa laws, work management system and management regulations,lesson planning,teaching skills,etc.

6. Qualifications/Documents Required for Work Permit Application by Chinese Government:

(1) Native English speaker with his/her passport ID page copy

(2) Notarised bachelor’s or postgraduate degree copy-graduate (Candidate should bring the original one when entering China)

(3) A TESOL/ TEFL/ TESL/ACTIE certificate copy (Teacher should bring the original certificate when entering China)

(4) At least two years teaching experience preferred

(5) Clean background check

(6) Medical check

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