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Business Name: Rockies English Education
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Created Date: 11/30/2016 07:39:37
Location: China - Asia
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Rockies English Education is a subsidiary of Rockies Education Management and Consultation Company founded in 2001 by Canadian teachers. We are licensed by the Chinese government State Council to recruit foreign teachers for the purpose of work in China. The locations that we recruit for are either directly owned or partnered schools that use the Rockies designated curriculum. Our vision is to set the highest quality English training standards for Chinese students. Our mission is to promote cultural understanding through implementing international English programs in China. We offer full support, competitive salary and nice working environment. We are looking for responsible, dedicated, energetic and creative people who feel that they can contribute to raising educational standards in ESL learning. This is a huge opportunity for anyone with great English skills, a passion for teaching, and an interest in doing something new! You'll discover China, experience an amazing culture, learn Mandarin, all while helping children to learn a new language.

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