RISE: Riverdeep Immersion Subject English

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Business Name: RISE: Riverdeep Immersion Subject English
Business Type: School
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Created Date: 08/24/2013 21:48:06
Location: Liaoning - China - Asia
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Our school teaches children from the ages of 3-16. We teach in an immersion style. This means that we teach subject based lessons such as, science, maths, history, literature and do big projects. There are currently 4 foreign teachers at our school, although two are leaving to go home in 3 months, and will need to be replaced. We live in a big flat, which is paid for by the school, it’s spacious, air-conditioned in the summer, and heated in the winter. Our school is in Shenyang, a city in the north-eastern province of Liaoning in China. Shenyang is a place with a huge variety of weather. The summer really is summer, and the winter really is winter!

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