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Business Name: Qwadar Private School
Business Type: School
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Created Date: 07/12/2017 13:48:43
Location: United Arab Emirates - Middle East
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We are recruiting ESL Teachers for Primary and Secondary Class teachers. We are private own school; Our School is located at Ajman, United Arab Emirates.

Job opening in Ajman, UAE in Aug, Sep/Oct 2017.

Job Benefits

Salary: 16,000 AED per Month.

Teaching Experience: Minimum 2 years of ESL teaching Experience

Accommodation Type: Provided

Accommodation provided for teacher and dependents

Vacation: Mid-July to mid-August; all national holidays

Airport Pickup: Provided

Airfare Reimbursement: Full

Health Insurance: Provided

Furniture Allowance: Provided

Bonus: End of contract bonus (1 month salary per year)

Description of your Duties and Qualifications:

ESL teachers are expected to complete and maintain teaching records as directed and to maintain the confidentiality of all student-related information. On-going participation in teacher training sessions is necessary for continued employment with the ESL Teaching Program. Teachers may also be asked to complete work-related projects as requested by their supervisor.

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