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Business Name: Picacho McGregor School
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Created Date: 07/08/2019 10:12:33
Location: Mexico - North America
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Elementary teachers needed! We are looking to fulfill several positions at a multicultural and bilingual school in beautiful San Jose del Cabo. The position starts in August for the new school year 2019-2020. Join us in molding young minds and enjoying everything The Baja has to offer!


· Bachelor’s degree

· Early childhood/Elementary education experience and/or TEFL, TESOL, CELTA certification

· Fluent English Speaker

· Positive attitude

· Highly professional and dependable

· Excellent communication and problem solving skills

· A love for children and a strong desire to make a difference

We offer:

· Shared housing

· Great work environment in a beautiful location

· Health insurance

· Work Visa

· 20,000 pesos per month

· Paid holidays throughout the year

Feel free to find out more about our school at www.cepicacho.edu.mxand @picachomcgregor on Instagram

Please send resume and brief cover letter explaining why you are interested both personally and preofessonally to [EMAIL VISIBLE TO REGISTERED USERS]and we will get back to you soon!

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