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Business Name: NTK Academic Group
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Created Date: 07/20/2018 18:18:39
Location: Hong Kong - Asia
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Established in 1996, NTK Academic Group is a registered school and leading educational service provider in Hong Kong. We specialize in academic tuition for students following international and local curricula, standardized test preparation, and educational planning and consultation services. We are also a fast growing publisher with 40 study guides published. NTK has the largest full-time teaching faculty among learning centers in Hong Kong. We are also an official ACT test center and an Edexcel Academic Partner Center.

We believe that academic success depends on good teaching, which we ensure via our commitment to education:

• Small group and individual study to encourage teacher-student interaction and full student engagement

• Qualified teaching staff

• Professional and continuous learning feedback

• Unsurpassed learning environment

Over the years, our teachers and education consultants have helped countless students achieve admissions to elite schools and universities around the world.

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Hong Kong

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120-130 employees

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