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Business Name: V-Yang English E-Learning
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Created Date: 05/28/2018 14:07:46
Location: Online
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Well- qualified Native-American teacher (retired teacher included)are urgent need ,inquiry about teaching online during summer vacation also welcome.

Doubt?Interested?Please e-mail Jessica :[EMAIL VISIBLE TO REGISTERED USERS]

About us:

We are an online education provider that offers a thoughtful and comprehensive online solution for students in grades K-12. Our typical student is aged 6-15.
Selected instructors will be able to work from home or anywhere you wish as long as you have good internet access, all classes are home based.

We are different from normal ESL online school, our students's English Level can competitive with American Local 5-15 years old students, so don't worry about communication issues you join us.

If you are native-American,minimum 5years teaching experience in local elementary/middle/high school, have your specialty subject,want to find a part-time job,please e-mail Jessica:[EMAIL VISIBLE TO REGISTERED USERS]

We offer you:

  • a competitive base rate per class,weekly pay.
  • Small classes comprised of 2-5 students aged 6 or older.
  • Each class is comprised of students with similar levels of English ability.
  • Basic cultural competency training focused for an educational setting.
  • Full training on our preferred web conferencing software.

Instructor Responsibilities:

  1. To teach students in English on a variety of subjects(pick your specialty): English Language Arts (Intensive Reading), History, Geography ,Writing,Speech,Social Studies, TOEFL, and SAT. Math, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology).
  2. To evaluate the performance and progress of each student.
  3. Prepare lesson plan / courseware (PPT file) for the class.
  4. Orient students to their course and conduct instructional sessions.
  5. Deliver specific course content in an on-line environment.
  6. Provide instructions, support and guidance, manage the learning process and focus on individual needs of the students.
  7. Provide course development support/advice to our on-line class.

Doubt?Interested?Please e-mail Jessica :[EMAIL VISIBLE TO REGISTERED USERS]

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