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Business Name: Mission Education Development Organization
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Created Date: 10/23/2012 22:34:28
Location: China - Asia
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Mission Education Development Organization (MEDO) specializes in finding suitable teaching positions – both full-time and part-time – for qualified English teachers.

Government schools, colleges, and universities; private training schools; and companies all come to us with their requirements for teachers. We then search our teacher database for a candidate who meets their requirements and provide the candidate with information on the position being offered. If you, the candidate, are interested in the position, we then help you get in touch with the school or company to help secure the position.

The service that we offer is free of charge and easy to use. All we ask is that you email an updated copy of your resume and a current photo of yourself to us. We will then add your information to our database and contact you when a suitable position becomes available.

The minimum requirements that candidates must meet are:

· Must be a NATIVE English speaker with a high level of proficiency in oral and written English

· Must hold a minimum BA degree

· Must be between the ages of 25-45 years old

· Must have 2 years’ work experience (preferably in a teaching/education related field)

Teaching experience and certificates are not a requirement, but are definitely an advantage.

If you satisfy the above requirements, and are committed to teaching in China for no fewer than 6 months, please email your resume and photo to [EMAIL VISIBLE TO REGISTERED USERS]

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