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  1. (02/26/2018 17:06:36) 21

    English Volunteers for Change

    English Volunteers for Change (EVOLC) is a non-profit project of the ALIARSE Foundation in Costa Rica which aims to pair teachers with groups of students in need in urban and ...

    Location: Costa Rica
  2. (02/01/2018 18:46:58) 22


    This is a private English academy in Changtu City, Liaoning Province, China. It has been in operation over 5 years and currently has nearly 300 students .

    Location: Liaoning
  3. (01/31/2018 23:22:16) 23

    Ignis Tech

    Ignis Tech is an established education provider that services provincial areas in China, with offices located in Shanghai, Suzhou and Zhucheng

    Location: China
  4. (01/29/2018 19:39:43) 24

    Dreamland Recruiting

    Dreamland Recruiting is an American talent placement agency, specializing in placing qualified English teachers in various positions throughout China. We worked with schools t...

    Location: United States
  5. (01/22/2018 17:46:34) 25

    The Bohme English Academy

    We are a small English conversation that caters to all ages & abilities. We teach babies all the way through to examinations & business English. Please visit our website at ww...

    Location: Japan
  6. (01/22/2018 10:20:18) 26

    GAIAS Instituto de Idiomas

    We are a language institute on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos. We serve young learners from 6 years old to adults interested in improving their English language abilities....

    Location: Ecuador
  7. (01/18/2018 21:59:49) 27

    Kitchkas' Reading House

    Kitchkas' Reading House is located in Tainan City, Taiwan. We are a private school that is licensed and registered with the city government. Our student enrollment contin...

    Location: Taiwan
  8. (01/06/2018 02:54:30) 28

    Coram Deo English School

    An after school English school in Seoul, Korea.

    We specialize in elementary education.

    Location: Korea (North)
  9. (12/18/2017 21:21:12) 29

    Scholastic Jiaxing Center

    Scholastic was founded in 1920 as a single classroom magazine. Today, Scholastic books and educational materials are in tens of thousands of schools and tens of millions of ho...

    Location: Zhejiang
  10. (12/07/2017 12:29:34) 30



    Location: Italy
  11. (07/12/2017 13:48:43) 31

    Qwadar Private School

    We are recruiting ESL Teachers for Primary and Secondary Class teachers. We are private own school; Our School is located at Ajman, United Arab Emirates.

    Job opening in Ajman, ...

  12. (07/02/2017 20:36:44) 32



    We prepare all circumstances for native English-speaking teachers to have an enjoyable career in China

    Currently, we work with ABIE, one of the leading high-end priva...

    Location: United States
  13. (06/29/2017 22:09:30) 33

    Zunyi Medical University

    Formerly known as Dalian Medical University, Zunyi Medical University was established in 1947. It was moved to Zunyi and renamed as Zunyi Medical College upon the decision of ...

    Location: Guizhou
  14. (06/27/2017 10:04:39) 34
  15. (06/21/2017 08:57:59) 35


    HIOFFER is looking for native speakers who can teach Chinese students ONLINE!!!!

    Are you tired of commuting to work everyday?

    Do you want to have the chance to manage your own s...

    Location: Canada
  16. (05/25/2017 13:35:57) 36

    The English House

    Nicaragua. A beautiful county of lakes and volcanoes, with smiling faces on every street. This enchanting country has been voted as the being the one of the friendliest in the...

    Location: Nicaragua
  17. (05/08/2017 17:04:42) 37

    Teach for the Future

    Teach for the Future (TF) was founded by alumni of the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Graduate School of Education in September 2015, in Vancouver, BC. TF is rapidly ...

    Location: China
  18. (04/20/2017 13:34:37) 38

    Ecastic Education Services

    Ecastic Education Services is an educational services provider based in Los Angeles and Beijing. We work with top schools in China and provide a wide range of education-relate...

    Location: China
  19. (03/12/2017 20:13:50) 39


    We specialize in international teacher recruitment and placement

    Location: China Mexico
  20. (02/16/2017 08:19:11) 40

    Pacific Bridge Education Technology

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    Pacific Bridge is a premier global education company based in Suzhou, China. We are a team of Chinese and America...

    Location: China

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