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  1. (07/22/2016 12:18:29) 1

    Jin Cheng Education

    Jin Cheng Education

    English Teacher wanted ASAP in Guiyang, Guizhou.

    We are a new English Training school opening in the Huaguoyuan District of Guiyang City, Guizhou Prove...

    Location: Guizhou
  2. (06/13/2016 08:15:59) 2

    Teachers in Turkey

    Teachers in Turkey is a recruiment company in Istanbul, Turkey. We hire native English speakers for private schools all around Turkey. These are from kindergartens to universi...
    Location: Turkey
  3. (06/02/2016 16:58:14) 3

    Far East Recruitment

    Our newly established recruitment company is a three-person partnership conducting business from China, the USA, and South Africa. We place candidates in teaching positions at...

    Location: China
  4. (05/29/2016 22:45:22) 4


    Oden began in 2009 and has helped over 1000 teachers from all around the world find teaching jobs in China. Our primary objective is to not only provide you with a suitable jo...

    Location: China
  5. (05/27/2016 08:42:51) 5

    Nantong Genius English School

    Nantong Genius English School is located in Nantong city, Jiangsu province, China .

    My name’s Ken Stone , a UK citizen, married to a Chinese woman, with whom I
    have two children ...

    Location: Jiangsu
  6. (05/22/2016 10:23:56) 6

    Work opp

    Our schools are well resourced with a wide range of supplementary teaching materials and wireless internet connection throughout. We have bright and spacious classrooms and ...

    Location: Italy
  7. (05/11/2016 12:40:49) 7

    ICN Teach and Travel

    As an NGO with over 8 years of experience in international staffing, we believe in the development of a curious mind and adventurous spirit through the intersection of cultura...

    Location: United States
  8. (04/25/2016 11:16:47) 8



    Location: United Kingdom
  9. (12/03/2015 19:26:11) 9


    Since 2011, Xinhua International has successfully placed over 400 qualified foreign teachers in their search for opportunities in 100 public and private schools around China. If...

    Location: Beijing
  10. (10/22/2015 03:19:15) 10
  11. (08/26/2015 23:52:47) 11


    Globallingos’s mission is to empower people all over the world to become fluent in a foreign language. We use online live vi deo technology to help people develop their skil...

  12. (07/12/2015 15:38:46) 12

    RMD International

    RMD International recruits teachers in The US to teach students English in China.

    Location: Beijing
  13. (03/06/2015 09:20:59) 13

    Shanghai Meiji Culture Communications Co,, Ltd

    Shanghai Meiji We are one of the biggest human resources centres for foreigners in Shanghai ( China ), specialises in assisting foreign teachers and interns in pursuing the teachin...

    Location: China
  14. (11/26/2014 15:01:40) 14
  15. (11/17/2014 20:15:41) 15

    eTutor School

    eTutor School is a matching service offered by ETS Global Network, LLC where students connects with tutors via an online learning platform. Whether you want to learn a new lan...

    Location: Online
  16. (09/22/2014 03:54:25) 16

    New Vision Learning Services

    We are an online education provider that offers a thoughtful and comprehensive online solution for students in grades K-12. Our typical student is age 6-12 years old.


    Location: Guangdong
  17. (06/18/2014 05:17:18) 17

    the open house education foundation limited

    Open House Education Foundation is a non-profit making organization to link up professionals who share the same vision to develop innovative education program in international...
    Location: Beijing Jiangsu
  18. (06/02/2014 08:31:11) 18

    Kidz in Action

    We are an innovative English Academy in Madrid focussing on developing more efficient methods for teaching English to children.

    Using a unique and highly effective approach, th...

    Location: Spain
  19. (05/17/2014 06:15:55) 19

    English First Hefei

    EF is a global enterprise that has been in the business of education for over 44 years. Founded on the premise of breaking down barriers of language and culture, we have grow...

    Location: Anhui
  20. (05/08/2014 06:09:25) 20

    Sunrise Kindergarten

    Sunrise Kindergarte n

    Our mission is the fostering of children for proper psychological development by providing excellence in educational resources from overseas and promoti...

    Location: Beijing

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