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    Location: Italy
  2. (11/29/2017 04:53:09) 2

    Quest English

    Private English Education Center based in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province.

    We are a small thriving school located in the beautiful and weather friendly city of Guizhou. We catt...

    Location: Guizhou
  3. (11/21/2017 07:51:33) 3

    New York University Shanghai

    NYU Shanghai is the newest degree-granting campus within New York University’s global network. It is the first higher education joint venture in China authorized to grant de...

    Location: Shanghai
  4. (10/16/2017 06:00:19) 4

    Skagerak International School

    The mission of Skagerak International School is to inspire, guide and challenge students to be actively involved in a caring and committed internationally-minded and bilingual...
    Location: Norway
  5. (09/25/2017 21:39:40) 5

    Gold Star TEFL Recruitment

    Gold Star TEFL Recruitment is a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher recruitment agency, specializing in assisting E...

    Location: China
  6. (09/25/2017 12:21:06) 6

    ACEMEC - Business, Academic, and Medical Communication

    ACEMAC is based in Japan. We are an online English language and communication school specializing in business, academic, and medical communication.

    Location: Online
  7. (09/12/2017 18:42:49) 7

    Whyville Inc

    Whyville Inc. is looking for enthusiastic and dynamic teachers who will teach English to groups of young learners and professionals. We provide competitive salary with housing...

    Location: Guangdong
  8. (09/11/2017 02:11:05) 8

    The Language Centre

    LONG TERM POSITIONS available for three dynamic, organised teachers interested in working. Positions start 25ft October 2017.
    Experience with young learners or adult is an adva...

    Location: Italy
  9. (08/09/2017 09:51:32) 9


    emplacing is an executive search firm which provide services all along the world.

    We are searching for native english teachers with bachelor degree in order to work in Shenzhen...

    Location: Spain
  10. (07/12/2017 13:48:43) 10

    Qwadar Private School

    We are recruiting ESL Teachers for Primary and Secondary Class teachers. We are private own school; Our School is located at Ajman, United Arab Emirates.

    Job opening in Ajman, ...

  11. (07/02/2017 20:36:44) 11



    We prepare all circumstances for native English-speaking teachers to have an enjoyable career in China

    Currently, we work with ABIE, one of the leading high-end priva...

    Location: United States
  12. (06/29/2017 22:09:30) 12

    Zunyi Medical University

    Formerly known as Dalian Medical University, Zunyi Medical University was established in 1947. It was moved to Zunyi and renamed as Zunyi Medical College upon the decision of ...

    Location: Guizhou
  13. (06/27/2017 10:04:39) 13
  14. (06/19/2017 13:07:15) 14

    English Action Institute

    English Action Institute is an institute in Santiago, Chile which has provided

    English classes for children and adults in homes and offices throughout the city of Santiago since...

    Location: Chile
  15. (05/19/2017 07:25:02) 15


    Movinhand helps educators get the salary they deserve.
    We promote teachers around the world and get them the best possible offer within 10 days of signing up.

    Location: China
  16. (04/20/2017 13:34:37) 16

    Ecastic Education Services

    Ecastic Education Services is an educational services provider based in Los Angeles and Beijing. We work with top schools in China and provide a wide range of education-relate...

    Location: China
  17. (03/12/2017 20:13:50) 17


    We specialize in international teacher recruitment and placement

    Location: China Mexico
  18. (02/24/2017 14:19:38) 18

    Cricket Media

    CRICKET MEDIA is seeking experienced and enthusiastic ESL/EFL teachers as tutors for a new online EFL tutoring service designed to help Chinese college level students learn En...

    Location: Online
  19. (02/16/2017 08:19:11) 19

    Pacific Bridge Education Technology

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    Pacific Bridge is a premier global education company based in Suzhou, China. We are a team of Chinese and America...

    Location: China
  20. (12/19/2016 04:21:21) 20

    BUUK International Youth Education Centre

    BUUK College is a private college founded by Mr. Andrew Chao SUN, who was trained in London for his MA in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

    BUUK trains mostly En...

    Location: Jiangxi

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