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Created Date: 05/11/2012 08:54:48
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Learn English Online was launched by Felicity Lee and Daniel Colman in the winter of 2011. They had both spent the summer teaching students from all over the world on the internet. Before this they had been teaching with a reputable English school in Guangdong province, China.


L-e-o aims to:

  • improve the English fluency and confidence of its students.
  • deliver engaging and interesting online English lessons that reflect it’s ethos.
  • give students and teachers a fair deal by not exploiting students and paying the vast majority of the fee to the teacher.


Learn English Online was the result of a combination of factors. Firstly, Felicity and Daniel received extremely positive feedback from their online students. Their approach was and still is simple: plan a lesson according to the needs and interests of the student and be as flexible as possible. One belief is that English grammar must be used and spoken in context in a natural way before it’s explicitly taught.

Topical discussion about interesting subjects is also crucial; no adult wants to learn ‘can I borrow an eraser?’.

By feeding in target vocabulary, using an interesting article and media to excite interest, students can have discussions and opinions about topics outside of their comfort zone. Whilst gramatical accuracy is important, L-e-o believes it is absolutely vital that students are confident pushing the boundaries of their English.

Secondly, Felicity and Daniel recognised weaknesses in other gimmicky online learning websites. Often it appeared as if the people running the website had never taught. Also the profit margin appeared rather large and sometimes extortionate; up to 200%. Learning English online can make a real difference to people’s lives, it can help with promotions, new jobs and even moving country. Being isolated in a country that doesn’t speak English should not be exploited. Central to this is the recruitment and training of experienced, personable and contentious teachers. L-e-o teachers all recognise their role in helping students to attain a life-long dream and the real difference they can make to their student’s lives.

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