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Business Name: kukuspeak
Business Type: Recruiter
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Created Date: 11/03/2010 19:40:12
Location: Online
Business Description:
  • About Kukuspeak
  • Our Vision
  • To be the largest live on-demand one-on-one English speaking learning institution. Create opportunities for both instructors and Chinese clients through online teaching.
  • We understand that the world is flat. That's why we built a company that re-thinks online learning. We make it live, on-demand and globally scalable while delivering the best learning experience ever. Our proprietary e-learning platform along with our full-stack knowledge in content creation, instructor recruitment, and management allows us to deliver a new generation of online learning services.
  • Learn more about our Platform and discover our consumer products below:
  •, our live one on one English speaking learning service, is the fastest way for many students to improve their speaking and listening skills - allowing them to reach their potential in work and study.

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