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Business Name: Koala English Training Centre
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Created Date: 05/28/2012 07:38:42
Location: Guangdong - China - Asia
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My name is Warwick. I’m Australian have been in China for 8 years and am the owner of Koala
English Training Centre along with my wife Rose, a Chinese national. Koala has been open now for almost 4 years and is a fully registered English Training Centre that can obtain work visa’s/permits under our name. We have around 140 students, 3 classrooms, a total of 3 foreign teachers including myself and 4 Chinese staff. Rose and I live above our training centre so we are always around to help which I believe counts for a lot when something needs to be talked about or fixed. In the past I and possibly yourself have run into many a quandary whilst working in bigger education institutions here in the ‘Middle Kingdom’. If so then you would understand the difficulties we face due to a culture and language barrier, here we like to think we have the means to shorten that gap quite considerably. I guess you could regard us as a small family business, thus having the ability to work closely in the work we love and care for as well as the people who work for us. In turn we hope, making life that little bit easier for everyone. Koala English Training Centre is located in Daliang, Shunde, Guangdong Province which is approximately a 40min car trip to the heart of Guangzhou as well as a 2 hour ferry ride to Hong Kong. (The port is about 20min from Koala) Daliang is a smallish yet affluent city and is a sub-district of Shunde, and is regarded as ‘The Shunde City Zone’ and the site of Shunde’s Municipal Government. As well, this area is major player in the manufacture and export of almost anything you can imagine, hence it’s affluence. Daliang has a resident population of 310,000 with a total area of 80 square kilometres. Being slightly away from Guangzhou, Daliang is sheltered from the hustle and bustle of China’s 3rd largest city, yet close enough to provide you with everything a major city has to offer. For example a gym and golf range, a major shopping centre with Starbucks etc as well as a few foreigner haunts to help you feel a little less far away from home….. and all within walking distance to us. You’ll know what I mean if you ever get the chance to visit here. To sum up, if you’re looking to experience ‘The Real China’ however you take that to mean then what we can offer you is maybe not what you’re looking for.

Warwick & Rose

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