Tianjin Foreign Enterprises Personal Training School

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Business Name: Tianjin Foreign Enterprises Personal Training School
Business Type: School
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Created Date: 12/06/2013 02:29:50
Location: Tianjin - China - Asia
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Tianjin Foreign Enterprises Personnel Training School was a synthesized quality training school which was invested by Tianjin Foreign Enterprises &Service Co.,Ltd. in 1994. It was approved by Tianjin Educational Committee, registered in National business entity registration and Administration for industry and commerce registration. It also have got the permission in running the school with the institution legal person certificate and Qualification for hiring foreign cultural and educational experts

The address of the school: C Block, 4th floor, Youyibei Rd.

Hexi District, Tianjin, China.

Tel.: +86 022 82380090 ext. 674

Fax: + 86 022 83280495

Website: http://www.feesco.com.cn


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