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Business Name: Continuum Education Services
Business Type: Recruiter
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Created Date: 04/27/2017 08:39:27
Location: Online
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Bringing the World Together Through Education

Continuum Education Services (CES) is a specialist provider of teaching resources to the global online education market. Our team are passionate about providing our clients and the educators that we represent with a service that suprises and delights them, whilst utilising technology to enable us to deliver on our vision of bringing the world closer together through education.

Our cores services are;

  • Recruitment of home based online educators (tutors, qualified teachers, lecturers).
  • Management of outsourced Online Teaching Centres, which provide on demand teaching services.

The company boasts a highly experienced executive management team who have decades of experience in teaching and managing educational corporations, coupled with an extensive track record within the Technology, Human Resource and Commercial sectors.

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