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Business Name: International School of English
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Created Date: 07/16/2013 08:23:36
Location: Japan - Asia
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International School of English has been established for fifteen years in the Yokohama /Aoba-ku area.Our school is a breath of fresh air from the standard English school mills.We cater to a more sophisticated market focusing on lesson quality and excellent customer service.

Our school curriculum and courses reflect our mission statement -providing challenging and rewarding lessons in a comfortable teaching as well as learning environment.We provide a full range of courses and lessons ranging from children as young as two and a half all the way up to adult classes.

Our school specializes in preparing students that have lived abroad or have a significant background in English for international schools both in Japan and abroad.Many of these lessons are subject based allowing students to study not only English but also Geography, Science, History and a wide range of other subjects.

We generally recruit seasoned teachers that have a minimal of two years teaching experience and hold teaching credentials in the ESL field.We welcome all qualified applicants and look forward to meeting with you.

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