Associazione Culturale Linguistica Educational

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Business Name: Associazione Culturale Linguistica Educational
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Created Date: 04/01/2011 01:47:24
Location: Italy - Europe
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A.C.L.E. is a non-profit educational organisation, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, which promotes student-centred learning, and is the first association in Italy to use T.I.E. (Theatre in Education) to teach English, and to organise drama courses for teachers. A.C.L.E. has over 36 years of experience in the language-teaching and language-learning sector. Each summer the association trains and places more than 350 English tutors in camps to teach English to Italian children and teenagers. The company was founded by Arrigo Speziali and is managed by a team of collaborators located in Sanremo, Belluno, Rome and Milan area.

Travel Italy and become TEFL-TPⓒ Certified with A.C.L.E. Receive expert training on how to teach English to Italian children through games, drama, and songs; meet people from around the world; teach at our numerous summer camps and enjoy all that Italy has to offer!

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