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Business Name: Aishitian Education
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Created Date: 01/03/2017 00:35:52
Location: Shandong - China - Asia
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Aishitian Education is devoted to providing a quality curriculum for Chinese students using English as the language of instruction. Founded in 2007, Aishitian Education is now one of the most successful internationally-oriented learning centers in Qingdao, China.

We are currently delivering the Global Assessment Certificate (or GAC, a curriculum managed by AES, a subsidiary of ACT Inc.) at two locations; we are also providing general ESL/EFL (i.e., oral English) classes at several locations. For the GAC program, we emphasize study skills, critical thinking, experiential learning, and college-style assessments. When our students complete the program, we hope that they will not only have the skills to succeed at the university level, but excel. Learn more about our GAC curriculum at For general ESL courses, we work to develop younger students’ English listening and speaking skills.

Our home office is located in downtown Qingdao, only two blocks away from the ocean. For a growing company, our directors aim to provide a supportive, team-oriented environment with numerous professional opportunities for the staff. The academic team is always prepared to discuss current and future employment opportunities with experienced educators and enthusiastic college graduates seeking a career in education.

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