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Business Name: Globallingos
Business Type: School
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Created Date: 08/26/2015 23:52:47
Location: Africa; Asia; Europe; Middle East; North America; Oceania; Online; South America
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Globallingos’s mission is to empower people all over the world to become fluent in a foreign language. We use online live video technology to help people develop their skills together with teachers and students on a global scale. The core team is based in Sydney, NSW, Australia. The teachers and students who make our mission possible are spread across six continents.

The cheapest and most fun ways to practice a language is the primary focus first and foremost of Globallingos. No investors have invested in this company therefore no money is owed and we are under no pressure to satisfy anybody else except out customers! This company has been born out of a true passion to allow people from all walks of life the opportunity to learn another language with a focus on applying new and relevant technology to people emerging into the digital age.

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