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Created Date: 09/16/2011 09:05:40
Location: Guangdong - China - Asia
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GATEWAY Englishis a great place to ignite your interest in learning English. We are completely dedicated towards the continuing educational needs and goals of our students. There are many language centers that claim to effectively teach English, but often many essential elements are sacrificed to emphasize memorization and grammatical structure.

GATEWAY English through ongoing research and development, adopts a method of teaching that encourages students to understand and communicate in English appropriately and effectively. We have successfully integrated learning materials in our courses designed and developed by a reputable and proven ESL series published by Cambridge University.

Our goal is to instill in each and every one of our students a strong sense of confidence, awareness and understanding regarding their usage of the English language. A core belief of GATEWAY English is that our teachers should work with students in a collaborative environment to achieve mutual goal. So, come and join the fun of learning and become part of the ever-growing GATEWAY English Family!

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