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Business Name: EvoLuTion Recruitment
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Created Date: 07/16/2019 12:59:56
Location: China - Asia; Tianjin - China - Asia
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Our principle purpose is to recruit qualified teachers into an industry that has a reputation for low quality candidates doing poor work and for highly nomadic people who are not interested in long-term or stable positions, thus negatively impacting student learning and program outcomes and development.

To do this, we meet with companies to find out what they are looking for and what they offer in return, and then provide them with honest and direct assessments of their programs and approaches and how this will affect their chances of recruiting top talent to their workplace. As experts from both the hiring and teaching side, we can offer an insight into current business practices that may be harming the chances to finding strong teachers – it is important to understand that we don’t take sides in this. We are working with both sides to create a mutually beneficial working environment that will enable students to learn in the most conducive environment available to them.

We are here to help the evolution of the English teaching industry in China, starting with Tianjin first and foremost.

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