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Business Name: The English International School
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Created Date: 06/05/2019 07:34:06
Location: Iraq - Middle East
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At EIS-Baghdad we take our responsibility to prepare future leaders and lifelong learners very seriously. The acquisition of fundamental values lies at the heart of everything we do and all areas of the curriculum are a vehicle for underpinning these values. EIS-Baghdad aims to expose every child, every day, to experiences that will help them understand the need for mutual respect, tolerance, and understanding of people from different cultures and faiths. We will pride ourselves on our success in this area as we will see our students embrace difference with respect and integrity.

In order to achieve our mission and vision, EIS-Baghdad team will:

  • maintain a school culture of excellence in teaching, student achievement, and innovation.
  • maintain a supportive, healthy and secure environment for teaching and learning.
  • through the Fieldwork Education curriculums, our team delivers a balanced and holistic international education centered on the learner.
  • raise student awareness and engagement in social, environmental and inter-cultural activities, both within and outside the academic programs of study;
  • provide excellent resources to support the programs of study

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