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Business Name: Hioffer
Business Type: Recruiter
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Created Date: 06/21/2017 08:57:59
Location: Canada - North America
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HIOFFER is looking for native speakers who can teach Chinese students ONLINE!!!!

Are you tired of commuting to work everyday?

Do you want to have the chance to manage your own schedule while earning good salary?


-earn 15-25 DOLLARS per hour

-manage your own schedule

-work with friendly staff and teacher support

-experience the unique culture of Chinese people.


-must be a native English speaker

-must be at least college level

-must have a desktop/laptop

-must have a headset and a webcam

-must have a quiet environment

-esl teaching experience is a PLUS but not a requirement

For interested applicants, you may send me private messages on Skype:

My Skype account: pretty-edith

You may also click on the link below and create your profile directly


We are looking forward to having you in our growing team!!

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