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Created Date: 06/21/2018 20:08:31
Location: Thailand - Asia
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Cambridge College (Thailand) is a private international school situated in Phitsanulok, Thailand. The college is located in Samo Khae suburb, a 15-minutes drive from the city centre, away from the busy traffic while providing a stimulating environment for students. Phitsanulok is situated in the lower north part of Thailand. It is approximately 350 km North of Bangkok and 360 km South of Chiang Mai. Cambridge College (Thailand) lies within easy reach of Phitsanulok airport.

We offer a unique range of opportunities for Thai as well as international students, providing academic and vocational courses that will suit their future needs. Courses offered include Key Stage 3 courses to Year 7-9 students, and IGCSE Business and Science programs to Year 10-11 students.

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