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Business Name: ChinaJobsDaily
Business Type: Recruiter
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Created Date: 11/13/2018 23:41:19
Location: Beijing - China - Asia
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Beijing Jobsdaily Human Resource Management&Consulting Co., Ltd. are the most professional recruiting service agency in China.

We work with many groups and organizations around the world. They include agents and students, international and local Chinese education providers. We also provide living guide, image packing and training to provide the teacher highest-quality service so that the best teaching experience in China can meet educators all over the world.

We also speak up for our industry.

We recruit teacher from more than 143 countries over the world. We work with more than 2400 schools, kindergarten, and training center over China.

We have our own developed system for teacher’s qualification assessment and job recommendations. We always ask for teacher’s preference first, and try our best to find a job suits teacher the best. We aim to provide the best teaching experience for every teacher.

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