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  1. (09/25/2017 21:39:40) 1

    Gold Star TEFL Recruitment

    Gold Star TEFL Recruitment is a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher recruitment agency, specializing in assisting E...

    Location: China
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  3. (05/19/2017 07:25:02) 3


    Movinhand helps educators get the salary they deserve.
    We promote teachers around the world and get them the best possible offer within 10 days of signing up.

    Location: China
  4. (04/20/2017 13:34:37) 4

    Ecastic Education Services

    Ecastic Education Services is an educational services provider based in Los Angeles and Beijing. We work with top schools in China and provide a wide range of education-relate...

    Location: China
  5. (03/12/2017 20:13:50) 5


    We specialize in international teacher recruitment and placement

    Location: China Mexico
  6. (02/16/2017 08:19:11) 6

    Pacific Bridge Education Technology

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    Pacific Bridge is a premier global education company based in Suzhou, China. We are a team of Chinese and America...

    Location: China
  7. (06/02/2016 16:58:14) 7

    Far East Recruitment

    Our newly established recruitment company is a three-person partnership conducting business from China, the USA, and South Africa. We place candidates in teaching positions at...

    Location: China
  8. (03/06/2015 09:20:59) 8

    Shanghai Meiji Culture Communications Co,, Ltd

    Shanghai Meiji We are one of the biggest human resources centres for foreigners in Shanghai ( China ), specialises in assisting foreign teachers and interns in pursuing the teachin...

    Location: China
  9. (02/24/2014 11:16:35) 9

    Opportunity China

    Opportunity China place well qualified native English speaking graduates in English teaching jobs in China.

    We only work with highly regarded Chinese schools and education cent...

    Location: China
  10. (09/15/2013 02:07:23) 10

    Romp n Roll China

    Romp n’ Roll is a play-based educational program for children and their parents. Through developmentally appropriate gym, art, and music classes children from 3 months to ...

    Location: China
  11. (09/08/2013 02:52:53) 11

    Global Language Village,

    We are an English language school for children from 2 years old to 12 years old.

    Location: China
  12. (04/26/2013 00:33:30) 12

    Okiki Bilingual Kindergarten

    We define success!

    OKiKi, a leading provider of Children’s international education.

    OKiKi China is a leading early childhood education institution in China. All of OKiKi Kinde...

    Location: China
  13. (03/13/2013 05:08:33) 13


    It's Sandy from ClickChina, ClickChina is an agency with the certified license issued by China Foreign Expert Bureau, we are working with schools to recruit foreign teach...
    Location: China
  14. (10/23/2012 22:34:28) 14

    Mission Education Development Organization


    Mission Education Development Organization (MEDO) specializes in finding suitable teaching positions – both full-time and part-time – for qualified English teachers.


    Location: China
  15. (08/08/2012 23:20:04) 15

    International Academic Alliance

    The International Academic Alliance (IAA) partners with a global network of accredited universities to deliver high demand programs to an international community of learners. ...

    Location: China

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