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    Hello Teacher!

    We specialize in recruiting English teachers for China.

    Whether you've got loads of experience or none, we can help you find your dream teaching job in China. We'll b...

    Location: China
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    WUHAO Education Technology Co. Ltd.

    PK Fish English is an Internet online English learning platform which belongs to Beijing WUHAO Education Technology Co. Ltd. Organized by leading domestic Internet experts, un...

    Location: China
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    Beijing Sunny Education

    Our company is a leading English language institution with teaching opportunities available all over China. The company focuses on providing recruitment and consultancy servic...

    Location: China
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    1 Positions available in March,2018

    (1) GAC&AP computer science teachers needed in a high school in downtown Nanchang

    (2) English literature and language teachers needed in a bi...

    Location: China
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    Ignis Tech

    Ignis Tech is an established education provider that services provincial areas in China, with offices located in Shanghai, Suzhou and Zhucheng

    Location: China
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    Teach for the Future

    Teach for the Future (TF) was founded by alumni of the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Graduate School of Education in September 2015, in Vancouver, BC. TF is rapidly ...

    Location: China
  9. (04/20/2017 13:34:37) 9

    Ecastic Education Services

    Ecastic Education Services is an educational services provider based in Los Angeles and Beijing. We work with top schools in China and provide a wide range of education-relate...

    Location: China
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    We specialize in international teacher recruitment and placement

    Location: China Mexico
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    Pacific Bridge Education Technology

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    Pacific Bridge is a premier global education company based in Suzhou, China. We are a team of Chinese and America...

    Location: China
  12. (11/17/2016 01:29:31) 12

    expertedu LLC

    Beijing Expert International Education is an educational organization, specializes in the strategic planning, establishment, operation and management of international educatio...

    Location: China
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    Name: International Institution of Education (i2)

    Nature: Chinese-foreign Joint

    Head Office Located: Chengdu

    Cities with Branches: Chengdu, Mianyang, Luzhou, Changsha, Guiyang, L...

    Location: China
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    Far East Recruitment

    Our newly established recruitment company is a three-person partnership conducting business from China, the USA, and South Africa. We place candidates in teaching positions at...

    Location: China
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    Shanghai Meiji Culture Communications Co,, Ltd

    Shanghai Meiji We are one of the biggest human resources centres for foreigners in Shanghai ( China ), specialises in assisting foreign teachers and interns in pursuing the teachin...

    Location: China
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    Opportunity China

    Opportunity China place well qualified native English speaking graduates in English teaching jobs in China.

    We only work with highly regarded Chinese schools and education cent...

    Location: China
  17. (09/15/2013 02:07:23) 17

    Romp n Roll China

    Romp n’ Roll is a play-based educational program for children and their parents. Through developmentally appropriate gym, art, and music classes children from 3 months to ...

    Location: China
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    Okiki Bilingual Kindergarten

    We define success!

    OKiKi, a leading provider of Children’s international education.

    OKiKi China is a leading early childhood education institution in China. All of OKiKi Kinde...

    Location: China
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    It's Sandy from ClickChina, ClickChina is an agency with the certified license issued by China Foreign Expert Bureau, we are working with schools to recruit foreign teach...
    Location: China
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    Mission Education Development Organization


    Mission Education Development Organization (MEDO) specializes in finding suitable teaching positions – both full-time and part-time – for qualified English teachers.


    Location: China

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