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Business Name: Whyville Inc
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Created Date: 09/12/2017 18:42:49
Location: Guangdong - China - Asia
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Whyville Inc. is looking for enthusiastic and dynamic teachers who will teach English to groups of young learners and professionals. We provide competitive salary with housing and one way airplane ticket. This is a great opportunity to explore China and learn Mandarin and its culture. If you are passionate about education and exploring China, this will be a perfect opportunity for you.

Full Time ESL Foreign Teacher Position:
1. Contract Period: one year (negotiable)

2. Start : as soon as possible

3. Pay: negotiable (depends on experiences and qualification) + accommodation +economy class one way air ticket reimbursement


1. Must be a native English speaker from the UK, Canada, USA or Australia

2. No criminal record.

Pease submit your resume with photo, copy of your degree if applicable to [EMAIL VISIBLE TO REGISTERED USERS]

Thank you

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