Hangzhou Lin'an Babe English Education Trainning School

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Business Name: Hangzhou Lin'an Babe English Education Trainning School
Business Type: School
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Created Date: 09/04/2013 19:45:23
Location: Zhejiang - China - Asia
Business Description: We need a Native English teacher(Close to native) in Feb 2020, Female preferred Qualifications: *Native English speakers from US,Britain,Canada,Australian European countries,etc(American/British accents)or close to native; * At least two-year’s working experience with degree * Enjoy teaching and willing to share their knowledge as well as culture s to students; * Excellent communication skills. *Non-Criminal record and Degree approved by embassy The TESOL/TEFL or teaching experience is preferred but not strictly required Benefits: -Salary of approximately 15000-20000RMB per month guaranteed (salary depends on the applicant's experience, which school, and their exact employer offer) -Bonus at end of one-year term -An equipped free accommodation with free access to internet -Work Visa(Z) Provided, also Foreign Expert Certificate ,Residence Permit -2-4 weeks of paid holiday,except for statutory holidays in China -Insurance coverage for 1 year. -Support from our local staff -- -5 day work per week

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