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Created Date: 07/09/2019 21:30:05
Location: Vietnam - Asia
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APAX English launched in Vietnam in May 2015. Our program brings a new style of curriculum and standard that is raising the bar of English education in Vietnam. With an emphasis on critical thinking, creativity, and character traits for success, our program is entirely unique. This makes it a fun developmental experience for both teachers and students.

APAX English is currently the largest English School in Vietnam with over 100 Centers in more than 25 cities across the North and South of the Country.

The program includes charity involvement, ongoing teacher support by foreign management, pioneering bonuses for smaller cities, a competitive salary offer with benefits. APAX English provides lesson content so there is no lesson planning as well as an 18 to 21-hour teaching week which guarantees teachers a work - life balance and the opportunity to really discover Vietnam.

We have all the systems in place to get teachers: visas, work permits, qualified to teach and prepared to live in Vietnam.

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