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Business Name: Waijiaoyi - Beijing Jinzai Lingjuli Information Technology Co., Ltd.
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Created Date: 05/16/2018 10:24:22
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Home Based Teaching Position

Location: Telecommuting (Online)

Who is Waijiaoyi?

Waijiaoyi is a leading company in the delivery of online group class in China. We have received investment from Li Kaifu of Sinovation Ventures, the investor of VIPKID and from Leijun of Shunwei Capital, which also invested in 51 Talk. Li Kaifu has held important positions in many major companies such as Apple, SGI, Microsoft and Google, and Leijun is the founder of Xiaomi Mobile Phones. Waijiaoyi keeps an open mind and specializes in making connections in order to promote the development of the relationship between Chinese children and foreign teachers, so that further exchanges can be made between China and foreign cultures.

Why should you become a foreign teacher?

1. Waijiaoyi partners with hundreds of primary and high school all over China, which can provide you with an insight into the different cultural styles of China.

2. You can work at home and get paid without having to leave your home.

3. We can provide enough classes to ensure that you teach between 10 and 30 hours a week.

4. With all requirements being met, a half year bonus will be provided.

5. If a teacher keeps good attendance and has no classes affected for the month, an extra $1 per teaching hour will be provided.

6. We will provide you with plenty of training so that you can have continuous progress in your teaching skills.

7. A chance to travel to China with flight tickets & hotel expenses covered by the company as a reward!

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