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  1. (12/06/2013 02:29:50) 61

    Tianjin Foreign Enterprises Personal Training School

    Tianjin Foreign Enterprises Personnel Training School was a synthesized quality training school which was invested by Tianjin Foreign Enterprises &Service Co.,Ltd. in 1994...

    Location: Tianjin
  2. (10/08/2013 20:30:40) 62

    Songyuan Global

    multiple schools in the cities of Greater Songyuan, Jilin, PRC (Songyuan City, Fuyu, Changling, Quian)

    Location: Jilin
  3. (10/01/2013 11:35:00) 63

    Pochteca Education

    Pochteca Education is a branch of Pochteca Trade, a Singapore based international agency which serves as a gateway for people wanting to experience a new culture through educa...

    Location: Guangdong
  4. (09/19/2013 12:46:17) 64

    It's Academic

    It’s Academic is a Canadian academic recruiting firm that was founded by education professionals who have experience with academic staffing projects and education management...

    Location: Canada
  5. (09/15/2013 02:07:23) 65

    Romp n Roll China

    Romp n’ Roll is a play-based educational program for children and their parents. Through developmentally appropriate gym, art, and music classes children from 3 months to ...

    Location: China
  6. (09/08/2013 10:04:22) 66

    Jovenes Adelante

    ¡Jóvenes Adelante! (Youth Go Forward!) is a community-based organization that provides university scholarships to brilliant, economically-disadvantaged students from San Mig...

    Location: Mexico
  7. (09/04/2013 19:45:23) 67

    Lin'an Babe English Education Trainning School

    April 2016,Hangzhou,10000 RMB /month, Native English Speaker, Supply Working Visa(z) and free accommodat ion, 2 days work off/week

    1.Babe Profile.

    Babe was founded on March 29th...

    Location: Zhejiang
  8. (08/24/2013 21:48:06) 68

    RISE: Riverdeep Immersion Subject English

    Our school teaches children from the ages of 3-16. We teach in an immersion style. This means that we teach subject based lessons such as, science, maths, history, literature ...

    Location: Liaoning
  9. (08/08/2013 02:44:25) 69

    Hangzhou International Academy

    Hangzhou International Academy is an established international organization located in Hangzhou. The academy was co-founded by a Chinese returnee PhD student of Warwick Univer...
    Location: Zhejiang
  10. (08/03/2013 18:12:54) 70
  11. (07/24/2013 13:02:50) 71

    British International Institute

    British International Institute offers a wide range of English training as well as test preparations (e.g., TOEIC, IELTS) and corporate training.

    Location: Iraq
  12. (07/16/2013 08:23:36) 72

    International School of English

    International School of English has been established for fifteen years in the Yokohama /Aoba-ku area.Our school is a breath of fresh air from the standard English school mills...

    Location: Japan
  13. (07/14/2013 16:15:21) 73

    Education Personnel

    Education Personnel Ltd are specialists in the recruitment of teachers, trainers and education staff. The business was established in 1995. Education Personnel has quickly built...

    Location: New Zealand
  14. (07/02/2013 04:50:04) 74

    Dar Al Uloom University

    Dar Al Uloom University offers a wide range of programs for Saudi and international students. All our programs, which are of the highest quality, offer solid, well-supervise...

    Location: Saudi Arabia
  15. (06/28/2013 01:36:24) 75
  16. (04/26/2013 00:33:30) 76

    Okiki Bilingual Kindergarten

    We define success!

    OKiKi, a leading provider of Children’s international education.

    OKiKi China is a leading early childhood education institution in China. All of OKiKi Kinde...

    Location: China
  17. (03/19/2013 01:58:07) 77

    Meicheng International Education

    Meicheng International Education strives to promote educational equity and currently runs International Classes in 9 famous pubic high schools in Anhui Province, China.
    Location: Anhui
  18. (03/13/2013 05:08:33) 78


    It's Sandy from ClickChina, ClickChina is an agency with the certified license issued by China Foreign Expert Bureau, we are working with schools to recruit foreign teach...
    Location: China
  19. (01/09/2013 12:25:38) 79

    Cofradia's Bilingual School

    Cofradia’s Bilingual School provides a high-quality, affordable bilingual education to the community of Cofradia that is not available through the local public school system...

    Location: Honduras
  20. (12/04/2012 23:20:16) 80

    Andong National University

    This is the English Education Department (Teacher's College). Our students are education majors, and will be public school teachers after graduation. The University Langu...

    Location: Korea

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