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David Rogers

Drawing on over two decades of experience...

My name is David Rogers, and I started teaching English as Second Language back in the early 1990's. Over the past 20 plus years, I've been lucky enough to have had many great teaching jobs all over the world and have loved every minute.

However, during my time as a teacher, one of the problems that I encountered was that the options available for filling English teaching positions were both limited and unreliable. Not just for teachers, but for schools as well.

Since then, I have made it my mission to solve this problem and to provide an easier way for teachers and schools to connect with each other. As a result, ESL Jobs World was born and since we launched in 2007, the service has grown stronger and stronger.

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  1. (2019-09-17 02:17:31) (Featured Job) 1

    Beijing Primary School ESL Teacher (FEB 2020 intake)
    RMB 15,000 - RMB 18,000 per Month

    Nova ESL Beijing Primary Schools (February 2020 intake) 15,000-18,000RMB monthly salary AFTER TAX (GBP 1760-2100; USD 2120- 2550; EUR 1890-2270) Free accommodation provide...
    Location: Beijing Category: Primary School
    Type: Full Time Title: Teacher
  2. (2019-09-17 00:59:51) 2

    "Career Bridge" - ESL Teachers professional recruiting consultant in China.
    USD 2,200 - USD 3,500 per Month

    Career Bridge China Salary&Benefits 1. The salary in the schools is ranged between 15,000 - 25,000 Chinese yuan (approx $ 2200 - $3500), we will find the best deal for you. 2. Free housing...
    Type: Full Time Title: Teacher
  3. (2019-09-16 18:36:29) 3

    Welcome you to enjoy culture and beauty of China while being an English teacher.
    RMB 8,000 - RMB 20,000 per Month

    Beijing Wanlin Now we provide great English teaching opportunities for teachers who want to come to China to travel and savor China time-honored culture. Firstly:Introduction about us: ...
    Location: China Category: General English
    Type: Full Time Title: Teacher
  4. (2019-09-15 08:09:20) 4

    English/Math/Science teachers wamted
    USD 2,000 - USD 3,000 per Month

    The English International School The English International School Baghdad is a newly established international school with a vision to bring Western education to Iraq. We teach our students as we were taught ...
    Location: Iraq Category: General English
    Type: Full Time Title: Teacher
  5. (2019-09-14 17:50:30) 5

    Live and Teach in Beijing. 3 Positions Still Available for January 2019.
    RMB 17,500 - RMB 18,000 per Month

    Saxoncourt Recruitment Earn, explore, and enjoy Beijing with Shane English Schools. British-owned and run by western management, Shane English School Beijing offers an 18,000 RMB monthly salar...
    Location: Beijing Category: General English
    Type: Full Time Title: Teacher
  6. (2019-09-12 16:28:44) 6

    English Teacher Required in South Spain
    EUR 700 - EUR 900 per Month

    Talking English Academy We are looking for a dynamic English teacher to teach groups of infants, teenagers and adults in a private academy in Puente Genil (Córdoba). The available position offers a...
    Location: Spain Category: General English
    Type: Part Time Title: Teacher
  7. (2019-09-12 10:13:19) 7

    Online English Teacher
    USD 14 - USD 16 per Hour

    Howard English Academy Our lessons are 1 on 1 conversational lessons. Lessons are primarily focused on developing the speaking ability of the students. We arrange the scheduling, we also provide the...
    Type: Part Time Title: Teacher
  8. (2019-09-11 06:09:59) 8

    English Teachers for EF Schools in Bogor 2015
    USD 900 - USD 1,200 per Month

    EF Swara Group You may have heard of the world-famous Bogor Botanic Garden in Java, Indonesia. This is Indonesia's first and foremost botanic garden and ranks amongst some of the most w...
    Location: Indonesia Category: General English
    Type: Full Time Title: Teacher
  9. (2019-09-10 01:50:30) 9

    Immediate Opening for ESL teacher in Zhanjiang, China
    RMB 6,000 - RMB 7,500 per Month

    Zhanjiang Real English Academy Zhanjiang Real English Academy is a professionally run, joint Sino-Western managed, English language training school in south China’s Guangdong Province. With three years ex...
    Location: Guangdong Category: General English
    Type: Full Time Title: Teacher
  10. (2019-09-09 17:34:29) 10

    Recruiting English Teachers in all kinds of schools all over China, NO DEGREE OR CERTIFICATE NEEDED, 14,000 to 20,000 RMB per month - APPLY NOW!
    RMB 11,000 - RMB 20,000 per Month

    Work and Live in China We are hiring native and non-native speakers to teach in any part of China (it’s your choice, we can find you the best position in any city and province). What is more, you ...
    Type: Full Time Title: Teacher
  1. (09/15/2019 23:06:04) 1

    ESL teacher

    I have just recently acquired my first teaching experience working in Thailand and now I'm searching for new opportunities.

    Desired Location: Asia
    Certifications: Certificate
    Experience: 0 - 1 Years Nationality: Russian
    Current Location: Thailand Available: October 10, 2019
  2. (09/15/2019 19:19:48) 2

    American Professional Language Teacher

    Desired Location: Europe
    Certifications: Diploma
    Experience: 10+ Years Nationality: American
    Current Location: Egypt Available: October 2, 2019
  3. (09/10/2019 05:31:47) 3


    Desired Location: Poland
    Certifications: Certificate
    Experience: 1 - 5 Years Nationality: Nigerian
    Current Location: Australia Available: September 10, 2019
  4. (09/09/2019 00:24:05) 4

    English Language Teacher

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing to apply for the opportunity to teach EFL with you. I got a University degree: major is English. I passed IELTS exam (7.5) and also complete a 1...

    Desired Location: United Arab Emirates
    Certifications: M.A.
    Experience: 5 - 10 Years Nationality: Russian
    Current Location: Belarus Available: September 9, 2019
  5. () 5

    VVIP Teacher, Trainer, Coach


    Miles Lafferty

    US Citizen


    Live in Shanghai

    455 nanjingxilu, Room 1, Building 28

    86 13564746084

    Skype: mileslafferty


    Certifications: M.A.
    Experience: 10+ Years Nationality: American
    Current Location: China Available: September 10, 2019
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